Facility Facts scenarios describe situations in which the use of Facility Facts tool would have helped in preventing and mitigating damages. These scenarios range from a flood in a building to working with newly hired employees. Please stay connected as we will be continuously updating and adding new scenarios.



Buildings can range in square footage thus needing more assistance
Unknown structure history leads to challenging response
No knowledge of safety default systems that are in place

Benefit of Facility Facts


Potential for electrical outage causing water pipes to freeze and break
Could occur while staff is on holiday
Building damage to ceilings, walls, floors and furnishings

Benefit of Facility Facts

New Employee

New employee requires thorough training
To completely orient with facilities may need
multiple trainings and tours of facility

Increases overhead cost and manpower used for training new employees

Benefit of Facility Facts

Retiring Employee

Distributed workforce in facilities environment
Knowledge often resides in heart and minds of individuals
Facility personnel have history of working long tenures with a facility

Benefit of Facility Facts

Natural Disaster

Occurs with little to no warning
Has acute effects on life, safety, property and finances
No access to emergency and evacuation plans
Thousands of people need to be evacuated or supported

Benefit of Facility Facts

Power Outage

Critical building systems are affected
Need to provide alternative means of power for critical systems
No access to emergency and evacuation plans
Can snowball into life threatening and emergency situations

Benefit of Facility Facts