How it Works

Facility Facts provides a process that integrates its three pillars: institutional knowledge, emergency management and operational efficiency by providing users with a smarter, faster solution to facilities and crisis management.

Complex information is compiled, distilled and made available via Facility Facts, a user-friendly software tool customized for each client and facility. This tool provides a unique intelligence center for each facility in your entire portfolio, meaning it provides critical information needed to cope in a crisis or a day-to-day situation. Facility Facts acts as a bridge to expertise and delivers what you need, when you need it, and where you need it.

how it works
An employee enters data relevant to his/her work over a period of time. This information is now captured in the system and can be used by current employees for day-to-day work or to assist in the training of new employees. Employees can access the building floor plans, technical specifications or critical information universally; i.e. via a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. The data information can be accessed while having Wi-Fi connectivity or even in the absence of Wi-Fi. Therefore, this makes the software tool ideally suited to assist first responders in times of emergency.