Time is always of the essence during an incident or crisis. Facility Facts provides decision makers with the appropriate data, information and knowledge required to make good and timely decisions. Facility Facts overcomes traditional facility software interaction issues with its easy to use user interface. The use of the Facility Facts software limits the costs and damages traditionally incurred by a facility during crises and incidents. The system is efficient, robust and functions even in the event when there is no Internet or cellphone coverage. Here are some of the core benefits:

  • Universal Access

    Universal Access

    Access to information is readily available across all platforms ranging from personal computers to mobile devices

    Provides facility information access to emergency and first responders

  • Universal Access

    Offline Emergency Mode

    Functions in the event when there is no Internet or cellphone coverage

    Efficiency is maintained

    Provides instantaneous access to Emergency and Evacuation Plans

  • Interactive Maps

    Interactive Maps

    In-depth viewing access to the floor plans, focusing on utility and emergency shut-offs

    Measurement of effect calculated for desired area or region

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    User friendly graphic user interface

    Tailored to each facility type

    Adaptable to all facility types

  • Multilingual


    One-click translation

    Translates to over 40 languages


Additional Benefits

Facility Facts is an incident and crisis management software that:

Assists in mitigation of crises and everyday incident risk inherent to facilities safety, infrastructure and personnel

Provides first-responders instant access to facility information during emergency situations

Provides what you need, when you need it and where you need it

Alerts all personnel about an incident or crisis

Captures institutional knowledge, increases operational efficiency and prepares for emergency or incident management

Increases operational efficiency by combining all facility knowledge into one entity

All transactions are completed using a 168 bit encryption

Generates customized building reports for managing incidents and emergency situations that are detailed and secure audit trail