What is Facility Facts?

Facility Facts is a decision-making software tool for effective facility incident and crisis management. Facility Facts, is tailored to each facility type and assists in mitigation of crises and everyday incident risk inherent to facilities safety, infrastructure and personnel. Unlike other software solutions, Facility Facts, a patent pending software, easily captures facility data from a variety of sources including institutional knowledge residing in key facility personnel. This software increases operational efficiency and with it's implementation, personnel internal to the facility and those external, for example “first-responders,” can now access facility information in time of need.

Data Silos

data solos
Each department within an organization uses customized software to accomplish their day-to-day work. Only people within these departments have access to this software and its data, thus making it difficult for additional personnel to access the information for emergency situations. This data cannot exchange content with other systems within the organization and leads to inherent isolation of information thereby becoming data silos. Data silos are an impediment to productivity and a danger to data integrity.

Human Silos

human silos
Employees, each with their own specialized knowledge skillset, have to complete their job within a limited time period. In order to accomplish this, they use specific customized software to overcome day-to-day challenges. Specialized skillsets, limited time and customized software leads to the creation of human silos. Meaning, employees are unable to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the same organization because their information is secluded. This reduces efficiency and can be a contributing factor to a failing organizational culture.


before after
Facility Facts software provides an organization total connectivity and data integration across both data and human silos, inside and outside of the organization to support collaborative initiatives. The software tool is able to collect and import data from software in different departments. Employees all over the organization can use the tool to enter data and share information. With the process of full utilization and integration of the Facility Facts tool, organizations are provided ways to remove the limitations of data and human silos.