How difficult is it to enter data?

The software system has been designed specifically by keeping the end user in mind. The user-friendly interface makes data entry as simple as attaching a document in an email or using a credit card online for making a payment or shopping.

What type of data is entered into the building?

At Facility Facts we follow a three step approach to data entry

Critical Data
Critical Data is absolutely necessary data that a person should know about a building; for example utility shut offs, entry and exit points, emergency exits, number of floors, floor plans, physical address, factors affecting utility shut offs, any special circumstances surrounding the building.

Knowledge Data
Knowledge Data is the data that gives additional information regarding the building. For example, it will provide you information on how to turn off the water in a specific building, or turn on the electricity in another.

Other Data
Other Data is data that may be applicable to the building in an ongoing basis, such as the hiring of a new manager, employee information and any renovation changes

How much time does it take to enter information for a two million square foot building?

It will take approximately 30 minutes to enter the critical data for a two million square foot building


How much time will data entry require from an employee / employees?

The Facility Facts software has been created with a principle of making 100 people do 1% of the work thereby getting 100% of the work done. This way one person is not burdened and the entire organization works as a collective team.


What is the offline sync?

Offline sync is a functionality that is provided to authorize devices as per the needs of the client. This provides a daily sync to these devices and all the data is synchronized with the server. In an event there is an incident or emergency and there is no network connection such as Wi-Fi or cellphone coverage, the user can still access their device and retrieve the information.

Additionally when working in a facilities environment and entering data there are zones where there is no network coverage. The sync option lets you continue entering data (limited to device memory) and once you come back into the network zone the data then uploads the data to the server, thereby updating all systems.

What types of devices are compatible?

All devices are compatible with the Facility Facts Software; Desktop Systems, Tablets, Laptops, Smart phones

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